Environmental PR…

“If I were working in astrophysics, I would find it quite hard to explain to people what I was doing. Natural history is a pretty easy thing to explain. It does have its complexities, but nowhere do you speak about things that are outside people’s experience. You might speak about a species that is outside their experience, but nothing as remote as astrophysics.”

Sir David Attenborough

This is what we do in CCIPR Environmental – we communicate the complex nature of environmental and scientific issues, so that people understand.

Kieran O’Byrne heads up the Environmental / Sustainability section of CCIPR. A Zoology graduate from Trinity College, Kieran has worked with companies who have an interest in the environment and sustainability. Stakeholder engagement and communications around projects with a real or perceived environmental impact are his strongpoints.

Kieran has advised on all aspects of communications and stakeholder engagement for many companies – from proactive and reactive media interaction, to crisis management when issues arose. He brings a wealth of experience to the Environmental and Sustainability area. Because of his science and environmental background, Kieran understands complex subjects and situations and can communicate them effectively. With over 30 years’ experience working in PR, he can communicate a client’s message to their stakeholders, employees, the media or whoever their target audience may be.

Previous clients have included Esso, Mobil Oil, the Irish Forestry Funds, Cara Environmental, Eco Waste, The Marine Institute and the Fisheries Boards. Other clients in the area have included Xstrata, European Recycling Platform (ERP), H2 Compliance (the REACh compliance company), Greyhound Recycling, Burren Smokehouse, Irish Water (Water Supply Project, Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant) Windfarms, Solar farms, Anaerobic digestor plants and others.

Kieran is the Past Chairman of BirdWatch Ireland the largest Environmental NGO in Ireland.