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Consumer PR

CCIPR has extensive experience in providing targeted public relations campaigns to a wide range of clients in the consumer sector. We deliver inventive stand-alone or integrated consumer campaigns to launch or breathe life back into brands. At CCIPR we know that to get people talking about your brand, you need clever, targeted campaigns that enhance your reputation. The key to our consumer activity is our ability to find insights about our clients’ business and then to create innovative programmes that add value to their business. We get under the skin of our clients to find their unique offering so that we can communicate that offering to their target market. All our campaigns are innovative and integrated across all types of media. We understand in the evolving communications landscape that traditional media is only one channel through which we can reach our target market. The rise of peer influence and the importance of personalisation has meant that PR has had to evolve to facilitate credible connections with an increasingly empowered consumer. We develop relationship based brand programmes to influence these consumers. Successful PR plays a real role in communicating the personality of a brand and has a hugely positive impact on consumer brand performance. Our experience encompasses all sectors of the consumer landscape – consumer technology, fmcg, alcohol, food and drink, luxury goods, retail, aviation, travel and tourism etc.

Benefits of Consumer PR

  • Draws attention to the brand amongst target audience

  • Generates media coverage for the brand through news

  • Creates a personality for your service or brand that advertising can’t achieve

  • Firmly aligns your brand with consumers and creates lasting consumer loyalty

CCIPR delivers the following consumer PR services:

  • Consumer Research

  • Programme Planning and Development

  • Media Relations

  • New Product & Services launches

  • Integrated Communications Campaigns

  • Sponsorships

  • Event Management

  • Issue Management


Niall Delaney heads up the heathcare area for CCIPR and has more than 30 years experience in the medical and health care sectors. He successfully handled the margarine versus butter campaign and was responsible for launching and developing the Flora Project for Heart Disease Prevention in Ireland which promoted the WHO-based “dietary fat hypothesis” which recommended a reduction in saturated fat consumption and a significant increase in polyunsaturated fatty acids intake to help reduce the relatively high incidence of coronary heart disease.

As a result of this public education campaign dietary habits began to change. Flora became a brand leader and the dairy industry had to develop rival low fat products. The campaign was supported by the Irish Heart Foundation and many in the medical profession. Dr Risteard Mulcahy and later Professor Ian Graham, both champions of disease prevention, provided professional advice.

During his career, Delaney has worked with most of the leading health care and pharmaceutical companies on many projects (ethical and OTC), including another public health driven campaign – the Roche-funded Vitamin Information Bureau (VIB), a public education programme about the benefits of dietary supplements in Asia, where Delaney was Burson-Marsteller’s health care specialist.

More recently, in Ireland, Delaney worked with Perrans, the vitamins, minerals and supplements subsidiary of T.P. Whelehan Ltd. He also devised and implemented the public affairs programme to secure the Irish/UK “all-Ireland” health care risk waste contract for a UK-Irish waste management company (Gaelsafe/Scotsafe).

While MD at Grayling Public Relations, Dublin, he led the Irish-UK team which won and then implemented an EU public education campaign to promote the ‘Mediterranean diet’ and greater use of olive oil in the national diet.