Pitching for business for a tech company recently, I was struck by the fact that so many businesses are setting up in Ireland or expanding. Every couple of weeks we hear of more jobs available. There is a major problem though, in that these companies are finding it more and more difficult to get the right people, with the right skills, now. That’s why they are coming to us.

And it’s not just in the tech sector. We are seeing it in all kinds of businesses, from rental car firms, to software, to manufacturing. And all of these employers want their staff now and are asking us to help them fill these roles. So how do we get these graduates? What do we recommend to our clients?

Well first you have to stand out from the crowd – not everyone is a Google or Facebook. If you want to attract the right people – they have to know you. You need to develop clever, exciting and unusual PR campaigns aimed specifically at students to achieve that.

And secondly you don’t have to wait until they graduate – you can develop a relationship with them from their first year in college or even before, while they are in school, through PR or directly with the college. We advised a client a couple of years ago, a tech company in East Point in Dublin, to approach a local college. We brokered and chaired a number of meetings and today that tech company has employees that teach a module of their software, as part of the colleges Computer Science degree. The students, as they graduate, walk into well-paid jobs and the company has the pick of the graduates – the graduates that they have helped teach and prepare for working outside of college – hopefully within their business.

In essence, you have to be different and think differently to attract the right people.